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This is almost invariably a friends-only journal, for personal and activist-y reasons. Feel free to add me if you think you might like to read - commenting here to say you've done so would be nice, too.
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For balance: I'm knitting myself a hoodie, which is the first proper garment I've made in adult size (and only the third in any size - I'm yer woman for hats and mittens, though), and I've just finished the first sleeve. Spent half the morning just wearing the disembodied sleeve and laughing a disproportionate amount. But it's funny! It's like being a really comfy Borg.

As for Doctor Who spoilers )
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Two friends-listers have resolved to cut back on their Diet Coke drinking. And, actually, so have I, but I was too ashamed of drinking so much in the first place to list it.

So: what resolutions have you not admitted to? This post is unlocked so anonymous comments can be put on.
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This, apparently, from CARE:

Today following his shock election victory in Glasgow East, John Mason MP said: ‘The HFE Bill was a key issue for some people – part of the package of today’s result.’

Meanwhile, Lord Alton of Liverpool said: "Not everyone who voted for John Mason in Glasgow East did so because of the HF and E Bill but, with a majority of just over 300, pro-life votes were the ones that made the difference. They were enough to get him elected. He was the only one of the candidates who said he would vote against the Bill when it comes back to the Commons in the autumn; the only one who said he would stand up for the unborn child. It only takes a few hundred voters in key seats to change the political complexion of a constituency. MPs and political leaders should remember that one and a half million British voters have sent in protest cards to Parliament stating that they will cast their votes at the next election for candidates who cast their votes in the defence of human life. They will be enough to determine the complexion of the next Parliament and the next Government."

Are any feminists voting SNP? Because they damn well ought not to.
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A bunch of pictures celebrating the ongoing recovery of the girlie.

The girlie and her girl. And, briefly, my hair. )
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Absolute failure at NGPD as a result of lovely museum-based meetup with [ profile] hfnuala and [ profile] majea. Particular sites of failure were discussions of the three LJspawn present. I forgive myself for "she"ing under pressure when Gnome went invisible by the fishpond, but really, it's taught me how ingrained the ungendered=disrespectful thing is. As [ profile] hfnuala observed, the hardest is to say "they" about someone who's there with you, then about someone known, then about a particular unkown person, then an indefinite person. I learned through having a female baby whom I often dressed in "boy" clothes how offensive people find it when they can't easily read someone's gender (well, and I know that from having friends on the trans/androgyny continuum), so I suppose the converse is that withholding gender is giving offence, and that that is something that goes deeper than politics, because clearly I know it isn't.

Also, seriously, I talk too much and don't think much about what comes out of my mouth before it does.
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Ungendering a conversation with a two-year-old is really tricky. I hadn't realised how fixated Gnome was on who is related to who how and who this person is and why they are there. Conversations with other parents at the playpark required "this one" and "that one" and "yours" and "mine" which are, ironically, quite respectable ways to refer to kids, so nobody actually raised an eyebrow. Other than at the trike. Then the library required "Give your card to the person at the desk" which probably caused less comment than my usual habit of saying "woman" rather than "lady".

Most slip-ups so far have been in responding to Gnome's "What's Sam doing?" enquiries.
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Hello! This is the No Gendered Pronouns Day nexus post - if you've written about how the day is going/ has gone for you, could you link your writings in comments? And if you've mentioned this on your LJ, could you ask people to come here and post their links? I think it will be interesting to see what the challenges are for people in different places, speaking different languages, living different lives...

As for me, I've slipped up a dozen times already, under close interrogation from my firstborn at 6.15am. Clearly, that's going to be my biggest challenge.
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Okay, let's do it. "No gendered pronouns" day is next Wednesday, 11th July.

Everyone taking part defines their own limits; everyone promises to post about how it's going/ how it went for them.

[Poll #1016395]

Quick edit to add: here's the post for linking any write-ups of your experiences in taking part.
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Ahem: [ profile] motherism
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Oh, too much time on my hands. More breastfeeding icons - take, share, point people to them. Default, non-default, customise...

loads of icons )

Earlier ones are here
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Breastfeeding icons, anyone? Free to good homes.*

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I think countries where politicians regularly and unironically say that "this is the greatest country in the world" are fundamentally different from countries where that doesn't happen. I'm beginning to think this is the root of my Not Getting US Politics to the extent that I don't. This whole "The world is looking to us! We must count every vote!" thing: most of the rest of us on LJ (privileged Westerners that we for the most part are) live in countries where every vote is always counted. The last place we'd look for procedural example is the US. Yes, my country is imperfect and its democracy is a compromise with proceduralism, sentimentality, and the inability of the ruling classes to relax their ultimate grip on power, but we know how to aspire all by ourselves. We don't need your dream. We've got a million of our own.

What we want from a country that's got such huge sway over the world - though less over a rich, Western, capitalist country like mine that over, say, Sudan - is responsible use of power. An understanding from those who rule that, just because you can, doesn't mean that you should, or that in the long term it's even in your own interests to steamroller across the world - particularly when you're talking about polluting an atmosphere that simply isn't going to stay still over those countries that aren't the greatest in the world, but will come and destroy yours too, and mine, though probably not until after the damage has killed millions of people in the developing world. Particularly when your policies kill people who will never be able to vote against them.

And that's what Sudan and Bangladesh need from the voters of the UK next year, as well. What I feel now, looking at the US and realising that Bush's re-election means US missiles at Fylingdales, is going to be what other people feel looking at the way my country lays waste to others, endangers other countries' citizens, kills, exploits, and manipulates. That's the example I'm taking - let's not fuck up like that. Let's dream our own dreams and do a bit better.
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I thought I should really just post to note that just as I sat down to plan our consultation on the Sexual Health Strategy, look what came on my random playlist!

Hmm. So I'm trying to devise a questionnaire about where queer women get their information and advice from. And it occurs to me that there are several such women on my friends list. So: tell me.

Where did you get your sex education about sex between women?
What do you think "safer sex" means, between women?
Where do/ would you go for help with a sexual health problem?
Where do/ would you go for relationship advice?
Who do you talk to about sex and sexual health?

And, in an ideal world, how would you have answered those questions?

And, just as an injoke for those of us who've spent days reading this document: would you use a dental dam if you were in prison, but not otherwise?

I do actually want to know, by the way - both because I'm interested generally in other people's experiences, and because I need to put some shape to this consultation I'm planning. So: talk about sex! Now!
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Um, I hate to sound like a typical crisis-having journaller, but: would anyone be hugely inconvenienced if this journal went entirely friends-only? I have codes to give out if people want to create blank accounts to read it, but, well, what I've written here is being used against me at work, so something's got to get sorted out. Anyone who reads and has an account, let me know and I'll friend you pretty much automatically.

Gah, for the inability of people to accept the difference between public and private life. This is exactly why I hate all people, without exception and without prejudice.
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So, I want to buy a Bible. There are many and various reasons for this, that I'll maybe go into another time- anyway, rest assured that I'm still the heathen you all know and love. No theism happening any time soon.

Anyway. So I went to see if I could get the cool little box-set book-by-book version off Amazon, because I can't find it in the shops anywhere, and I'm embarassed to ask for it (go figure). And, well. I'm enormously amused by what they've got in the "perfect partner" program with it.
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Every year, I get all confused about the gender gap in exam results. On the one hand, I want to be dismissive, because, despite the fact that girls do so much better, men still get paid more, and there does seem to be less attention paid to that. So, really, every time girls do better, whatever they're doing better at suddenly counts for nothing.

On the other hand, it's very bad that there is an education system that seems to systematically exclude boys from high achievement. Gender equality is gender equality.

Anyway, when they set up these scheme to "tackle boys' under-achievement", if they don't also set up schemes to "tackle" the fact that girls still get worse grades in maths and physics, we'll know exactly where the government is coming from.


Aug. 15th, 2002 04:25 pm
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Elvis: cultural thief and racist, or "I'd like to teach the world to sing" touchy-feely breaker-down of barriers?

Compare and contrast.

Oh, c'mon. At least it isn't "Elvis, dead or alive?"
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Patricia Hewitt, Minister for Trade and Industry, and also, as a pin-money job, Minister for Women:

"[W]omen are still more often found in low-status, low-paid jobs with little opportunity for career development and can find it harder to get promotion than men."

The solution? )


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