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Absolute failure at NGPD as a result of lovely museum-based meetup with [ profile] hfnuala and [ profile] majea. Particular sites of failure were discussions of the three LJspawn present. I forgive myself for "she"ing under pressure when Gnome went invisible by the fishpond, but really, it's taught me how ingrained the ungendered=disrespectful thing is. As [ profile] hfnuala observed, the hardest is to say "they" about someone who's there with you, then about someone known, then about a particular unkown person, then an indefinite person. I learned through having a female baby whom I often dressed in "boy" clothes how offensive people find it when they can't easily read someone's gender (well, and I know that from having friends on the trans/androgyny continuum), so I suppose the converse is that withholding gender is giving offence, and that that is something that goes deeper than politics, because clearly I know it isn't.

Also, seriously, I talk too much and don't think much about what comes out of my mouth before it does.
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Ungendering a conversation with a two-year-old is really tricky. I hadn't realised how fixated Gnome was on who is related to who how and who this person is and why they are there. Conversations with other parents at the playpark required "this one" and "that one" and "yours" and "mine" which are, ironically, quite respectable ways to refer to kids, so nobody actually raised an eyebrow. Other than at the trike. Then the library required "Give your card to the person at the desk" which probably caused less comment than my usual habit of saying "woman" rather than "lady".

Most slip-ups so far have been in responding to Gnome's "What's Sam doing?" enquiries.
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Hello! This is the No Gendered Pronouns Day nexus post - if you've written about how the day is going/ has gone for you, could you link your writings in comments? And if you've mentioned this on your LJ, could you ask people to come here and post their links? I think it will be interesting to see what the challenges are for people in different places, speaking different languages, living different lives...

As for me, I've slipped up a dozen times already, under close interrogation from my firstborn at 6.15am. Clearly, that's going to be my biggest challenge.
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Okay, let's do it. "No gendered pronouns" day is next Wednesday, 11th July.

Everyone taking part defines their own limits; everyone promises to post about how it's going/ how it went for them.

[Poll #1016395]

Quick edit to add: here's the post for linking any write-ups of your experiences in taking part.


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