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1000 blank white cards. Is this something everyone else in the world knows about? It sounds nice.
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Spiderman. Cheese. Seriously. And also, that whole thing about the violence- yeah. It really is. And yet, well, at least you see the consequences, gross though it is at times.

One final thought: when I come into my house and hear maniacal cackling, the first thing I'm going to say is "Dad? Is that you?"
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""It is difficult to tell when someone is using a hands-free mobile," a [Department of Transport] spokesman told BBC News Online.

"They could be singing along with the radio - and we are not thinking of banning that."
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Space Camp was on TV yesterday. Now, I know I'm the only person on LJ who lists "computer apocalypse movies" as an interest but: eee! Cheesy sentient robot! Plucky 80s teenagers! Accidentally going into space! The hair!

(It's actually a marginal case for inclusion in my own personal genre. It's not like War Games or Hackers in that respect, but I do love it.)
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Is it wrong to hate atheists who can't spell "atheist"? I mean, I know it's all about not having a creed or anything much in common, but... seriously. If you're "athiest", are you most athy? And don't get me onto the subject of people who try and start the word with "ae".
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The "Rename The Two Towers to something less offensive" petition: was it originally a joke? Even if not (and, fuck, I hope so), a look through the signatures-and-comments is funny.
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"I'm bored."
"I'm bored too."
"I've been missing since 1974."

God, I live in the zone of the non sequitur. Sequentially: the Sunshine Band, me, and SeriousMince, who, after yesterday's celebration of Ceaseless Mechanical Bull Reference Day (well, it's in my diary), is indulging in a day's fantasy of being Lord Lucan.
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Two words: cable. internet.

Mmmm, the speed. The ability to phone people up while online and go "mmm, the speed". And Linux fucking auto-detected it. I love Linux.
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Lists of cuts to Home and Away. Mostly, it seems, the word "cow", disability references, and product placement. But:

"Episode 2734 (5 January 2000)
Two cows and a catfight!"

"Episode 2688 (22 October 1999)
Adam says 'Jesus' in a non-religious context"

"Episode 2631 (30 July 1999)
A snipped reference to Vinnie's testicle"
(See, that's funny, because... never mind.)
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Just started reading Thomas Frank's One Market Under God. Hum. Could anti-capitalist authors please stop with the self-consciously ironic TMing?
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Was I sleeping when they changed the spelling of the word 'sporadic'? Or is this some kind of sub-radar meme?
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Actually, you know, I sat through the whole of Gosford Park just waiting for Judi Dench to turn up. It should've been subtitled "no, everyone except Judi Dench". I could have concentrated better then. Though I'm left feeling that it doesn't matter that I never even remotely figured out who was married to who, what with it being perfectly obvious what the deal was, and the extent to which the posh people didn't matter.

I actually- was expecting it to be better, less obvious, less heavy-handed. More intertwined and subtle.

And I was expecting it to have Judi Dench in it.
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Interesting. 10 communities and 844 livejournal users are interested in peircings.

Eight hundred and forty-four. There's also 897 listing tatoos.

And here I was concerned about the correct spelling of 'fanwank'.
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"How could a TV pilot be a murder weapon?"

"We were trying to rebel against our parents."
"By worshipping the devil?"

Oh, how very, very much I love Diagnosis Murder. Ooh! And Jane Seymour as herself! I'm in TV heaven.
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Thanks, Dave. How much do I need Pup Idol in my life?

Incidentally: vote for the middle one in the bottom row. He's a soul hound.
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This is a nice article about the conspiracy theory that Marlowe wrote Shakespeare. This pleases me because I've always liked the stupidly fictional Marlowe in Antonia Forest's The Player's Boy, and I'm glad he might not have died the stupid death he's supposed to. Of course, I mean, I realise he's dead now, either way...
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"If you go out that window now, you'll be going out of windows for the rest of your life"

I've been watching Home and Away for about fourteen years. About once every two years, you get a line that- well, I'll be learning from it for some time.
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I finally gave up and got a livejournal. So, in the tradition of first entries, I should explain the username which, like all but the most common of my usernames, is from a Kirsty MacColl lyric: Children of the Revolution

Children of the revolution sold out by the banks
Who swap the green upon the dollars for the green upon the tanks
Children of the revolution shot down by a brand new gun

That's just to make sure I get off on the right, cheerful, note.


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