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For balance: I'm knitting myself a hoodie, which is the first proper garment I've made in adult size (and only the third in any size - I'm yer woman for hats and mittens, though), and I've just finished the first sleeve. Spent half the morning just wearing the disembodied sleeve and laughing a disproportionate amount. But it's funny! It's like being a really comfy Borg.

As for Doctor Who , I really enjoyed it. I am trying to work out how little Amelia can have her own spinoff series, because she was beyond awesome. The wedding thing? Unnecessary, boring, repetetive, and can we have something important in a woman's terrestrial life that isn't about getting married? Please? Also, who didn't presume grown-up Amy was a stripper within the first 5 minutes? "Kissogram" my arse. Actually, please do. I know she's conventionally attractive, but I'm not immune to conventionally attractive. And I also thought Gillon did well.

I do hope there'll be something in the relationship of how the Doctor seriously ruined her life and screwed her up, rather than it just being all "it's okay, you came back." Pschiatrists are promising.

As for Smith: he's good. I liked him. I liked the leftover Ten-isms that he was eliminating/ replacing, I liked the energy and wackiness, and I wasn't even too distracted by the fact that he looks and behaves exactly like the Posh Green Golden Boy (whom I also like a lot, who is the nephew of a duke and whose family live in a castle). He even carried off the for-the-kids spitting out of the food with non-gross-out panache.

And I loved "I'm the Doctor. I'm worse that everybody's aunt." Also "You're Scottish. Fry something."

Okay, that's not deep. But I'm glad I can straighforwardly look forward to the rest of the series.
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